Best known for her Stand up comedy act "Grandma ReRe".  Renetta Thomas has not only used her comedy to overcome addiction but she has also conquered many obstacles in her life while juggling between being a single low income parent in the city of Rochester Ny . Renetta had a 2% chance at survival. Doctor's said she wouldn't be able to walk and would have to be bed and wheelchair bound for the rest of her life. Doctor's even said she would never have kids. Drowning in her mothers blood she lost blood as well. Wich called for a blood transfusion where she began gaining weight but still could not leave the hospital until she was 3 months old. When she was finally able to go home, she could not walk or talk until the age of 4. After numerous problems at home she ran away from home at the young 11 years old. Ever since then she has been on her own. From being kidnapped off the streets at 15 and held prisoner until she was 17, she recalls witnessing her kidnapper murder a young man who previously tried to take her and a friend. But she was freed from her kidnapper yet still chased by nightmares and flashbacks of what happened as a result . Renetta started to use crack as a result of the ptsd, voices and visions. After Losing all her teeth at 27 yrs old she feel into a deep depression accompanied with her sons father being physically and financially abusive she fell further into depression. Within her depression she found grandma rere

Today Renetta Thomas is 10 Years clean and is now sharing her blessings with everyone by sharing her story in a very unique way. GrandmaReRe Is the character Renetta has came up with to fight back at her past and conquer her old mindset , by putting a smile and giving laughter to everyone she comes across ! Stay tuned for more from this Young Womans journey to being the worlds greatest Comedian on earth !

Renetta Thomas


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